MARCH 2018 — Current

Platinum Performance

Platinum Performance is focused on bringing predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4) medicine and nutrition to humans and animals from the entire athletic spectrum.


Executive mentorship, UX and Lean mentorship, and guidance on the creation of Platinum Performance's 3-year vision

Results Summary

Adoption of a monthly cadence of Lean experiments
Lead UX designer hired in SF office
Helped Mark and his team create a clear 3 year vision
Adoption of a weekly cadence of design reviews and usability testing

About Platinum Performance

Platinum Performance is founded on the idea that revolutionary innovation leads to unmatched results. The wellness products they produce have powered the nutrition regimens of several Olympic gold medalists, NFL players, and that of many horses at the top levels of equine competition (including American Pharoah, winner of the American Triple Crown and the Breeders' Cup Classic in 2015 — The only horse to win the Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing — and Justify, 2018's winner of the Triple Crown.)

Justify won the Triple Crown in 2018. Making him the 13th horse in the history of horse racing to win the Triple Crown. His team team relies on Platinum Performance nutrition to keep him healthy and performing.

Project Background

Mark Herthel, CEO of Platinum Performance, reached out to me in January of 2018 – letting me know he saw me give a talk, and was looking for UX hiring guidance. I met with him in hopes that I could give him some general advice around hiring a UX designer for his SF office. 

Platinum was started after Mark's father, Dr. Doug Herthel, discovered that the nutrition regimen he invented, of healthy fats and other nutrient building blocks that he was giving post-surgery horses could actually not only help increase chances of survival for those patients but could be given preventively to all horses to decrease chances of future disease or injury. Mark, who was a Cal Poly Agriculture Business student at the time, saw the opportunity to bring this nutrition regimen to a wider population of horses, and eventually a regimen based on it to humans. Mark and his father partnered together to start Platinum Performance. Today, Platinum is the number one vet-recommended horse nutrition brand in the United States, and their nutrition is widely used around the globe.

I decided to work with Platinum for two reasons:

Summary of My Work at Platinum

I was hired by Mark to help his company hire a lead UX designer, mentor his teams on a UX process and distill his near-term vision into a shareable document that he and his team could use to align the company.

Over the course of my consulting engagement I accomplished the following:

UX Mentorship

I mentored both Platinum's customer service team and his SF Engineering/Product office on a modern UX process

Introducing the engineering team to silent brainstorming and dot voting
Drafting out a presentation on Lean methodologies and design thinking

Lean  Mentorship

I mentored Mark's teams on the experiment-and-learn methods from Eric Ries' and Lean Startup

Slides from one of the training sessions I gave on Lean and Design Thinking


I helped Mark and his team hire a lead UX designer for the San Francisco office. Platinum Performance is a 20 year old established company that only recently opened a San Francisco engineering office. At the time, they didn't have any UX or product designers on staff. Backed by both my multi-year mentorship from Jared Spool and experience hiring designers at MindBody, I was able to guide them through the process of finding an ideal candidate.

3-Year Vision

I helped Mark and his team distill Mark's vision into a 3-year vision doc, visionware designs, and most recently, a set of storyboards

Leading a brainstorming and storyboarding workshop with Mark, head of product, and customer support and sales team members.
Drafting an overview of Mark's vision.
Initial sketches of visionware designs


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