Hi, I’m Christopher. I'm a product designer with over 10 years of experience.

I co-founded and led design at a Y Combinator–backed startup.

Previous to that, I was the first UX designer hired at Mindbody, where I led key redesign projects and helped build it into a $1b publicly traded company.

My Approach

Good design starts with empathy. I like observing, interviewing, and getting to know the people who will use the product I’m designing.

Good team work also starts with empathy. I like collaborating and learning from people across departments. When leading a project I like to regularly hold cross-functional workshops, design studios and design critiques. I believe creating shared understanding and shared ownership throughout a project results in more delightful products and greater business success, in less time. Read more about my approach here.

Evidence-Based Courses

Helped neuroscientists and PhDs at UCSB teach high school students how to improve their grades using mindfulness techniques.

Mentored an established 20-year-old company that makes nutrition products for some of the world's most elite athletes on Design Thinking and Lean Methodologies.

Internal Startup, NYC

Led the design strategy for a $100-billion company’s ambitious internal startup (public debut late 2018).



Cofounded and led design at a startup backed by some of the top investors in the world, including Y Combinator, Fuel Capital, and several prominent angel investors.


MINDBODY Point-of-Sale

Led the redesign of Mindbody's POS, which processed $5.1 billion in payments in 2015


I was the first UX Designer hired at Mindbody, and I led most of the redesign projects from 2012 to our IPO in 2015.
Additional Projects
Outside of work I often like to dive into side projects that match my passions.

Over the years I’ve founded two other award-winning startups; I’ve written embedded C code that powered Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s satellite, CP6, which was sent into orbit in 2009; I’ve done various contract jobs; and I interned at Microsoft as a Product Manager for a summer in college.

What people say about me

A few kind words from some of the great people I have worked with over the years.
“I first met Chris several years ago at a UX meetup that he was leading. It was apparent that he was passionate about UX and very talented. Now After working with Chris on our product vision for several months our assumptions were confirmed. Chris is a very talented UX designer, a thinker, a strategist and a true leader.”  
— Mark Herthel, Co-founder and CEO of Platinum Performance
“We were fortunate enough to start working with Chris just as our project was getting underway. We were looking for someone who excelled at UX design, but as soon as we started talking to Chris we realized that he could offer that and much more. He did an excellent job of executing our design work, but also helped us apply Lean methodologies and start-up best practices to our entire project. He advocated for usability testing and for continuously meeting with users, which ended up saving us development time so we could create a better product on our tight timeline. Everyone on the team loved working with Chris. He is organized, fast, an excellent communicator, and just a great person.”  
— Michael Mrazek, Ph.D., Head of Product at Evidence Based Courses
“There is no simple way to articulate Chris’s expertise as he is somewhat of a UX Vishnu. He passionately advocates for the customer’s best interest, while balancing research, best practices and intuition in his other hands. From running design studios to guiding very large enterprise scale workshops, he truly demonstrates why UX should always play a critical role in visioning, designing and measuring the success of products and services across organizations.
Aside from his technical expertise, I believe that Chris’ strongest suit is his natural sense of curiosity, combined with his humility which leads to cross departmental collaboration, innovation and disruption - frequently manifested in his work.”
— Alexander A. Mahernia, SVP of UX and Creative at MINDBODY
“Chris is one of a very short list of engineers and creatives who pioneered the advent of UX Design at MINDBODY, and he is a sheer pleasure to work with. He is a deeply passionate team player who possesses that rare combination of software design/software engineering chops.”
— Rick Stollmeyer, Founder and CEO of MINDBODY
“At MINDBODY, we live by our core values and Chris is the epitome of "Continuously Evolving." I've never had the pleasure of working with anyone as humble or diligent when it comes to self improvement. Chris is also extremely well organized, and has a great attention to detail. He takes a very thoughtful approach to user experience design to ensure that the experience starts and ends with the customer in mind.”
— Susan Rice, Sr. Director of UX at MINDBODY
“I’ve worked with Chris for five years, during a time of considerable growth on the UX team at MINDBODY. He is not just a designer, but also a skilled mentor, teaching the team about lean practices, user research, and mobile design patterns. Chris consistently translates complex workflows into positive user experiences, using research to inform his designs, and humbly updating designs that aren't resonating with users. Chris is the real-UX-deal. His passion for growth and excellence is unparalleled.”
— Beth Leibovich, UX Researcher at MINDBODY
“Chris is the consummate professional. He takes great care and thought in his designs, and is always receptive to constructive criticism. As an iOS developer, I value his insight into UX, and he always takes the time to explain his design decisions. It has been a pleasure working with him these past couple of years.”
— Ernie Zappacosta, Software Engineer at MINDBODY
“One of the things I appreciate most about working with Chris is his ability to bring out more creativity from any team. Besides being a standout product designer, he can also run a standout design process. He starts out projects with "Design Studios" where the entire team gets together to discuss the customer needs and problems and sketch a wide variety of ideas. He runs extremely inclusive design sessions and then does a terrific job of tying the best ideas together. The result: it gets everyone involved in the process and leaves the whole team excited to start building. With each design session I've seen Chris strive tirelessly to foster greater creativity from everyone on the team, do great individual design work, and continuously raise the bar by incorporating helpful product and design frameworks like customer journey mapping, the jobs to be done methodology, and insights from user research. Working with Chris has been a joy and I can't imagine a team not be benefiting from his presence in the room.”
— Zane Salim, Co-founder and CEO of Fibo
“Chris is a passionate designer who is always thinking on new ideas to improve the user experience. His designs received a lot of praise from our users as simple to use, clean & beautiful designs. I really enjoyed building and launching several iterations of Fibo with Chris.”
— Ruben Gonzalez Torres, Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Fibo
“Chris has an incredible impact on the people he meets and works with. This had become apparent to me the moment I started working with him just over a year ago. He was my mentor at MINDBODY when I was an intern and then my design peer when I was hired on full-time, and throughout that time he has been an amazing and reliable role model.”
— Sara Lancaster, UX Designer at MINDBODY
“When I started at MINDBODY over three years ago, Chris was my first supervisor, mentor, and all around role model. His passion for UX is infectious, and I feel fortunate that I got to learn UX from him. Chris is a skillful educator and leader, and explained new concepts to me quickly as we explored them and put them into action.”
— Liza Plotnikova, UX Designer at MINDBODY
“Chris has always been a catalyst in the projects I have worked on with him. His passion for UX shows in his designs. His ability to work with developers is uncanny as he is open to feedback and understands the technologies developers are working with. As a project manager, while he produces highly detailed designs, his work is always delivered on time or speaks up early enough when a deadline is unrealistic.”
— Alex Del Rio, Project Manager at MINDBODY

“Chris is one of our most talented and skilled UX designers. He works extremely well cross-functionally and is willing to deep dive into the product and customer insights in order to design the best UX possible. He has a very good grasp on best-in-class design principles and processes in order to create very detailed and relevant user experiences.”
— Scott Lewis, Sr. Director of Product Management at MINDBODY
“After having worked directly with Chris on quite a few large projects, I cannot stress enough the quality of the work he puts out. The designs he puts forth, even prototypes, are meticulously well-crafted and thought out, without being over-burdened with complexity.
During iteration and implementation, he was open and accepting of criticism and suggestions, and never let a question go unanswered. Chris is exceedingly professional, and has never stopped pushing the product and his Craft forward.”
— Josh Henderson, Software Engineer at MINDBODY
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